14K Solid Gold The Star Cart Tarot Necklace

$340 $545

The Star Tarot Card represents the energy you see when looking up at the sky. Inspiration. It reflects the hope that exists within that keeps us going and the energy that is continuously renewed. This card shows that you are blessed by the universe through your patience. It is the card of cleansing, of healing. However for some, it can also represent caged feelings, unsaid words and remarks. However, it invites one onto the road where we accept all as is and find peace. 

Product Details

• 14K Solid Gold
• Colorful Enamel Finishing
• Length 43+2 cm
• Weight 2,53 Gr. -/+5%
• Hypoallergenic
• Model No X2N212134
• The Star Tarot Cart is included in your purhcase.

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