14K Solid Gold Justice Cart Tarot Necklace

$340 $550

The Justice Tarot Card showcases an aspect of the experience of being human, symbolizing the search for justice and the act of embarking on the journey to discover it. And it tells of the tale where once justice is found, there will be a great sense of relief. You can unleash the power within through the balancing act of justice and make the right choices. It also carries the meaning of not obtaining an expected reward, receiving punishment, however, it opens the door towards an adventure where balance is sought after, pursued, and eventually set. 

Product Details

• 14K Solid Gold
• Colorful Enamel Finishing
• Length 43+2 cm
• Weight 2,53 Gr. -/+5%
• Hypoallergenic
• Model No X2N212135
• Justice Tarot Cart is included in your purhcase.

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