Enchanting all with its beauty and myriad of colors, the carnelian gemstone represents balance and power found in nature through the harmony of geometry. That feeling which the sunset instills in our spirit and nature’s miraculous scenery were acquired as the sources of inspiration to our collection. The majestic sunset… its unwavering ceremony and momentary impressions that never cease to astonish. As Rúnda, we harmonized our lived experiences with the mission to spread the love and power of humanity in every moment that composes nature. Pieces inspired by the magical balancing act of the carnelian gemstone, bringing out the most prominent mystical force within the human experience in art just as it appears in nature, and the golden watch are now here with you.


The material essence of geometry in nature is like the harmony of the parts that make up the melody. The complementary rhythm of the pieces feeds the spectrum and creates the dynamism of the piece. Timeless minimal designs reflect the geometric balance in nature by harmonizing with each other. Thanks to harmony, each piece unites and whispers to the design like a melody. We were inspired by the mysterious melody of nature and the unique beauties it reveals. The Harmony Collection is now meeting with you as a reflection of the unique tones that nature produces in its own cycle.


The sun has been seen as the greatest source of life in the history of civilizations. After the dark terror of the night, the sun that illuminated the earth with the dawn became the hope for people and daylight became the source of life. The sun, which has been seen as a symbol of birth, life, eternity and a sacred power throughout human history, has been a subject of curiosity for everyone. Civilizations have lined up eulogies and even built monuments to celebrate and honor the sun. Thus, throughout history, it has been the muse of humanity in every field. The ancient history of the sun and its active role in today's life have deeply affected us, the Helios Collection has emerged with this inspiration from the mysterious symbol of the universe.


Humankind has been in a deep connection with the phases of the moon since genesis. In every period of their existence, they desired the guidance and mystical characteristics of the moon and drew their way. Its one-month cycle, which started with the first phase of the moon, impressed people every night with its magnificent visual feast. These cycles, which shed light on even the science of psychology, have been completely assimilated by people and many events have been explained through these cycles. It has shed light on our Moonlight Collection and inspired us with its splendid change that guides us even in the darkest moments and its bright presence in the sky in the middle of the night. The vibrant energy of the phases of the moon is now in the World of Runda.


Known as the flower fairy in all lands, Chloris is known as the goddess of flowers and spring in mythology. All the beautiful colors and blossoms of the spring period are the gift of Chloris. The goddess Chloris flowers all the trees, and each one radiates beauty with her. It shows the fascinating forms of life and the way to the source of pure beauty, inspires the souls. In human history, spring is a symbol of life and new beginnings. Greening branches, bright plains and the arrival of spring... Chloris has been the muse of our new collection with her gifts.


Nature continues to renew its eternal balance of existence in a perfect cycle. This flawless architecture, combined with the green tones representing rebirth and the positive aura of Malachite, inspired us. The starting point of our collection comes from this structure. As Runda, we have determined the green color as a concept by acting in line with our sustainability principle. Green, the main color of nature, aims to hold a mirror to your soul and incorporate the eternal balance of life into your life with the Endless collection.


Tarot cards—revealing the secrets of life through conceptual symbols—have mystical roots that reach into the ancient times of human history. It shines a light upon existence, absence, hopes, melancholy, and humans, upon all special experiences regarding life. Used by a multitude of societies across the globe, tarot cards exist through differing beliefs in different geographies. With symbols and their representations, they provide a mirror into the spiritual states and lived experiences of human beings. Rúnda’s new collection, Tarot, carries to the surface the profound secrets of the universe and life through symbols carved into jewelry design. Discover cards that will touch your deepest feelings and hence, your soul. 


Embark on a journey to travel into moments that you feel with an authentic, holistic awareness—into moments that conjure time timeless. Nature composes the reflections of our inner world through the order, balance, and harmony that it carries. And that is why this feeling of timelessness makes us shiver. Deep secrets resolve in the blink of an eye. Our feelings also have universes of their own and the seemingly remote ones are felt profoundly through the will and pleasure of the natural world. Awareness, the resolution of life’s cyphers and the feeling of gratification… Rediscover moments, witness the special experience that nature offers. Because all who witness nature’s timeless essence can reach infinity… You can complete the true reflection of your lived experience sometimes with a single photograph. And sometimes, through a small memory-defying object… Us, we present to you timeless designs prepared through the artistic touch of exquisite craftsmanship.