The Spirit of Nature

An ethical journey to collective eco-consciousness.

Each piece of Rúnda,
is a wearable part of nature.

Transforming the elegance of nature into timeless stories,
Rúnda’s collections are designed to reflect environment-oriented styles.
With recycled materials and a sustainable production process;
each collection mindfully embodies the unique forms of nature to create brand new designs.
Striving for a better future, every stage of manufacturing focuses on
shared awareness that respects both nature and people.


Nature-inspired. Sustainably sourced. Ethically handmade.

We are all a part of nature.

RÚNDA is an ethical jewellery brand rooted in authenticity, deriving inspiration from nature’s innate circularity. RÚNDA’s nature-oriented collections are created to inspire sustainable urban lifestyles with a fine balance between timeless quality & refined design. Responsibly sourced & sustainably handmade, each piece fuses raw, upcycled, 100% traceable materials with pure aesthetics to emphasize the collective eco-consciousness. By an utmost dedication to kindness for all and the planet we live on.

Doğanın Döngüsünden İlham Almak

Doğayı hem tasarımlarımıza hem de üretimimizin her aşamasına yansıtıyoruz. Doğanın döngüsünden ilham alıyor, üretimde geri dönüştürülmüş malzemeler kullanıyoruz.

Özgünlüğe Kök Salmak

Tasarımlarımızı doğayı gözlemleyerek şekillendiriyor, takılarımızda doğal formların özgünlüğünden esinleniyoruz.

İnsanlara ve Doğaya Saygılı Olmak

Üretimdeki şeffaflığımız ve kullandığımız geri dönüştürülmüş malzemelerimizle doğaya; iş politikalarımızla hem çalışanlarımıza hem de müşterilerimize saygımızı gösteriyoruz.

Inspired By Nature’s Circularity

Rooted In Authenticity

Committed To Transparency

Inspired By Nature’s Circularity

Rooted In Authenticity

Fair and Kind to Others

Our design and production process respects the cycle of nature by using 100% recycled & biodegradable materials in all of our collections.

Based on nature observations, our collections are rooted in the uniqueness of natural forms, blended with a sophisticated design perspective.

Where and how your jewellery is made is of vital importance. We are committed to sharing its journey publicly while supporting our environment with sustainable solutions & all our employees with ethical principles.