For a more sustainable future, our manufacturing journey is based on nature-based solutions & kindness for all. The gold, silver and packaging materials we use are 100% recycled & biodegradable. All the way through the process we protect natural resources by reducing our carbon footprint with minimal energy consumption.


Each piece of Rúnda is handcrafted by artisans. And that’s what makes them precious. We choose a unique artisanal touch over mass production, timeless styles over fast consumption. We strive to carry the legacy of craftsmanship to future generations.


İyi tasarımlar iyi ekiplerle doğar. Sürdürülebilir ve etik bir çalışma anlayışı için,
sanatçılarımız, zanaatkârlarımız ve ürününüz size ulaşana kadarki tüm aşamalarda emeği geçen her bir çalışanımızın mutluluğunu önemsiyoruz. Dönemin getirdiği güncel ihtiyaçlara göre çalışma koşullarımızı sürekli olarak iyileştiriyoruz.


A fine product comes with great teamwork. For an ethical work environment, we care about our designers, artisans and employees who contributed in all stages of the process. We constantly improve our working conditions with an ever-evolving perspective.

RJC Certificate

RJC Membership is awarded for the transparent assessment of key points such as ethics, human rights, and social and environmental factors. Qualifications include a thorough inspection of not only production quality, but also working environment and employee rights. As Runda, we are proud to merit membership and continue to set the standards in the sector.

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“In every walk with nature,
one receives far more than he seeks.”

John Muir