What Is Gold Plated Over Silver? Things You Need to Know About Gold Plated Silver

What Is Gold Plated Over Silver? Things You Need to Know About Gold Plated Silver

Fashion, which allows us to express our identity with the clothes we wear on our bodies, is one of the most significant parts of the nonverbal communication we establish in our daily lives. Enabling us to tell our story better with the meanings hidden in the details of the combinations we make, gold jewelry is the most elegant way to raise our voice in this nonverbal communication by employing the luminosity and splendor of the Sun. As regards, gold plated silver jewelry makes this classy and timeless touch budget-friendly and multifarious together with making it indispensable for our day-to-day lives and our jewelry boxes. No matter if it is a ring, necklace or a bracelet, you can share the story of enriching gold.

How Long Does Gold Plated Last? Does It Tarnish Over Time?

Durability is the first thing that comes to mind regarding gold plated jewelry, which is the timeless combination of our wardrobe. If the gold plating process and maintenance of gold are not done properly, products may become short-lived, tarnish over time and peel off. In that case, jewelry may languish. The first step required for a proper gold plating is cleansing. Silver is subjected to methods such as steaming, electro-sonic or ultrasonic cleaning in order to be free of any dirt. This process is carried out meticulously so that a quality product is produced. Then, a strike layer—also called a flash layer—adheres a thin layer of high-quality nickel plating to the base metal. This thin layer of nickel is used so as to protect the base metal and improve the bonding between the plating material and substrate, i.e. gold and silver. In the final layer, jewelry immersed in containers with gold, which has become liquid like the molten Sun, is fused with a positive electric charge to hold on to each other and thus, in the final step, silver is allowed to reach the magnificence of gold.

When these processes are applied with appropriate precision and concept of quality, the customer is provided with the chance to purchase a lifetime gold plated jewelry at an affordable price. With delicate and meticulous design, choosing the right metal and high-quality plating create gold plated jewelry that can be inherited. When the manufacturer’s precision and concept of quality are combined with customer’s care and maintenance, gold plating lasts long and tarnishing problems, which may occur naturally, can be prevented. One of the tips you should pay attention to protect your jewelry is to avoid contact with abrasive materials such as bleach, cosmetics and oils. In order to avoid the corrosive properties of chlorinated water and salt water, taking off your gold plated jewelry before swimming and taking a shower will prevent the risk of tarnishing on a daily basis. Wiping your jewelry during the day to keep sweat and oil away from it is one of the most important details that will render it immortal. In order to prevent the risk of corrosion, your gold plated silver jewelry should be maintained regularly with special solutions and clothes for a proper care and should not be brushed or rubbed.

Is It Possible to Get A Silver Ring Gold Plated? 

Thanks to gold plating, all kinds of silver jewelry can attain the beauty of the Sun now. Gold plated silver rings are among the most popular choices of lovers who want to buy wedding rings at an affordable price. Runda brings together a wide and affordable range of handmade gold plated ring designs deriving inspiration from nature which hosts flamboyance of the Sun. Made from 100% recycled silver, Runda Gold Plated Silver Rings, which you can always wear with contentment in your day-to-day life, offer an environmentally and customer-friendly shopping experience that protects the nature from which it derives its inspiration and the future.

What Are The Most Popular Gold Plated Jewelry?

In addition to gold-plated silver rings, there are numerous types of jewelry and ornaments that come out with the gold-plated technique. You can display the brightest state of the Sun on Earth with a gold plated silver necklace you wear on your neck and reflect your style even on a plain blouse. By wearing multi-layered gold plated silver necklaces that you carry in your heart and share your heart rhythm, you can get a shabby chic look that has been very popular lately. Revealing the elegance of your neck with the magnificence of gold by using different chain models will provide you with a timeless look. While you can make a breathtaking combination by choosing long gold-plated silver necklaces in deep plunging neckline dresses, you can make a fascinating difference by wearing your necklace backward in your low-cut back dresses that will make you taller. Creating a breathtaking combination or a fascinating difference is also possible with gold-plated silver bracelets and bracelets decorated with different chain and stone models, which will make your wrists look even thinner and more elegant. With their timeless use and harmony with the style of the different female spirit in every woman, gold plated silver bangles and bracelets, which have recently become indispensable parts of daily combinations by being designed with different chain types and stones, can be used as an irreplaceable companion of your watch in your professional life, as well as as a star piece that gathers all the lights on you in your nightlife. As you may wear thin bangle models in multiple forms, you can put a different complexion on your elegance by wearing cuff-style bangles on your upper arm.

Making the Sun bear witness to your story, Runda manufactures 14K gold plated silver jewelry with artisanal craftsmanship and sustainable methods. With an effort to reflect the value attached to the Sun and nature at every stage of production, to jewelry and its quality, we ship our jewelry all over the world with our professional packaging concept.

At Runda, where we manufacture sustainably and ethically with our RJC certificate of production quality, we accompany our customers from the beginning to the end with customer-friendly return and exchange policies.