What Are the Major Characteristics of Diamonds?

What Are the Major Characteristics of Diamonds? 

Dazzling diamonds; firstly in rings, then in necklaces, bracelets, and many other types of jewelry pieces. Because diamonds have a unique glimmer, they elevate both the elegance and brilliance of a woman’s spirit. In addition, diamond rings have become a must of marriage proposals. While white diamonds were preferred to a greater extent in the past, colorful diamonds are preferred in today’s age. So, what is the definition of a diamond? The crystalline structure’s solid form composed of carbon atoms is referred to as a diamond. 

How to Identify Authentic Diamonds

The most secure way of making sure a diamond is authentic is to get help from an expert. This is the reason why we suggest that you make a purchase from a brand that you trust. There are also other ways to determine whether a diamond is authentic or not. A cut gem-grade diamond, which is a formation of a crystalline structure that has been processed, does not appear misty. If there is physical evidence of condensation as you breathe into the stone, then you could assume that it is not authentic.  

Diamonds are crystals that have a high density. As such, when you drop a cut diamond gemstone into water it should sink. If the solid floats, then we can conclude that it is not authentic. Other than extremely high-quality diamonds, their flaws can be detected when observed through a magnifying glass. If no flaw is found, such as a dark spot, it can again be regarded as inauthentic. 

Even though these tests that you can easily perform will be of help, professional assistance is necessary to be 100% sure of the diamond’s authenticity. Many jewelry pieces with diamonds are presented for sale with a certificate. You should also choose jewelry that has a certificate of authenticity.   

Are Uncut Diamonds Similar to Diamonds? 

Diamonds are cut through a specific process resulting in a gem-grade diamond. When the lower half of a piece of diamond is cut in the shape of a cone, it transforms into a brilliant gemstone, which is referred to as a gem-grade diamond. 

Differences Between Uncut Diamonds and Gem-Grade Diamonds

The cut surface area of a gem-grade diamond is more than an uncut diamond. While the lower half of an uncut diamond is flat, that of a gem-grade diamond is in the shape of a cone. Uncut diamonds are precious stones that can reflect light. On the other hand, gem-grade diamonds are brighter stones because of their cut. 

How are Jewelry Pieces with Diamonds Cleaned? 

Regular maintenance is required to preserve the illuminating characteristics of gem-grade diamonds. You could get assistance from the company through which you purchased your jewelry pieces that contain diamonds. In addition, you could clean them through natural methods at home if you desire. Place warm water and liquid soap into a cup. Then, let your jewelry pieces with diamonds sit in this mixture. For better results, brush your diamonds using a soft-bristled toothbrush and dry them with a piece of cloth. Another method you could use at home involves toothpaste. Spread the paste onto a toothbrush and gently cleanse your diamonds. Wash it with a towel before running water against it. One point you must take into account when cleaning your diamonds at home is to not use cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals as they can easily cause your diamonds to lose their brightness.