How to Understand a Gold Bracelet? How is the Gold Bracelet Easiest to Understand?

How to Understand a Gold Bracelet? How is the Gold Bracelet Easiest to Understand?

Gold has been considered one of the most valuable metals for centuries. Many features distinguish gold from other metals. The most important of these is that gold does not create a magnetic field. If we talk about other properties, the specific gravity of gold is quite high. For this reason, it is heavier than imitation jewelry. 22-karat gold, which is highly preferred in the jewelry industry, has a thud sound. Lower-caliber gold or fake jewelry will produce a higher-pitched sound.

While gold jewelry is put on sale, its purity and purity are stamped on the jewelry. 916, 750, 585, etc. numbers such as; it allows us to understand the setting of gold. In addition, there may be setting information such as 22K, 18K, 10K on gold jewelry. When we look at the jewelry industry, we see that different carat gold is generally preferred in different jewelry. For example; more than 22 carats in bracelets; 18 carats in diamonds and precious stones; in more casual jewelry, gold is used in 14 or lower settings.

How to Understand at Home that a Gold Bracelet Is Gold?

Whether the gold bracelet is real or fake can be understood by paying attention to some details. A magnet at home will help you with this. Because gold mine; When held to a magnet, it must resist the attraction. If the gold jewelry is attracted by the magnet, there is a high probability that the jewelry is fake instead of the original.

How is the Gold Bracelet Easiest to Understand?

The easiest way to understand is that a bracelet is gold; when you take the jewelry in your hand, there is a stamp that gives information about the setting and purity of the gold. When you cannot see this stamp on the inside of the gold bracelet, you can understand that the jewelry is fake.

What are the Methods to Know if a Gold Bracelet is Real or Fake?

There are many true methods to tell whether a gold bracelet is fake or real. The simplest method is the magnet method we mentioned above. Real gold is not attracted by a magnet. Another method is to look at the weight of the jewelry. Because gold is heavy. If the jewelry you have is light, you may suspect that it is fake. In addition, the setting and purity of real gold jewelry are stamped on the jewelry. It is necessary to check this stamp to make sure that the jewelry is genuine. In addition to the carat and purity stamp, many gold jewelry also has the stamp of the company. The company stamp is also very important to ensure complete confidence in the authenticity of the jewelry. Each mine has its own unique color. Especially yellow gold, which is easily separated from copper and brass. Therefore, it is useful to consider the color of the jewelry.


From past to present, gold has always been considered very valuable and has always preserved this value. Therefore, it is an expensive mineral. If the gold jewelry you have chosen is selling for a cheap price, this is something you should be suspicious of.

Many pieces of jewelry are offered for sale as gold plated. The method to understand this is to drip a drop of nitrite acid on the gold jewelry. If the acid turns green, the jewelry is either gold-plated or metal. If the acid turns golden, it is made of gold-plated brass; if it turns the color of milk, of silver plated with gold; it is made of real gold, although there is no change.