How to Polish Silver?

How to Polish Silver?


Jewelry has become indispensable for both daily and stylish combinations. Today, most people reflect their styles by completing their combinations with accessories. As the usage frequency of jewelry increases, the frequency of cleaning and polishing should also increase. From necklaces to earrings, rings to bracelets or even wedding rings, all darkened, dirty, oiled silver can be easily cleaned at home. It can get the first day's glow. Thus, valuable jewelry can continue to maintain its value.


What Are Silver Polishing Methods?


The most important problem encountered in silver jewelry is that jewels often darken and lose their luster. There are many practical ways to eliminate this problem. Thanks to the blends created with the ingredients found in every home, silver jewelry can be polished easily and quickly.


            Silver Polishing with Toothpaste


Some toothpaste is applied to the toothbrush, cotton ball or napkin. The entire piece of jewelry is gently rubbed and then left in a bowl of water for half an hour. Finally, the jewelry is rinsed and dried with a cloth.


            Silver Polishing with Vinegar Water and Carbonate


Known for its cleaning properties, vinegar is also very effective in cleaning and shining silver. A small amount of water is poured into a bowl and 2 tablespoons of vinegar and baking soda are added. Silver jewelry is kept in this container for half an hour. The jewelry is then rinsed and dried with a cloth.


            Silver Polishing with Salt and Lemon


The juice of a lemon is squeezed and mixed with 1 tablespoon of salt and water. After mixing thoroughly, the silver jewelry is put in the water and waited for half an hour. When the time is up, the jewelry is rinsed and dried with a cloth.


            Silver Polishing with Dishwashing Liquid


Water is filled into a pot and 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid are added. The silver jewelry is placed in the coffee pot and boiled over low heat for 10-15 minutes. The accessories are then rinsed and dried with a cloth.


            Silver Polishing with Soap


Liquid soap is sprayed on the silver jewelry that you want to polish and rubbed lightly with a soft brush. When it is thought that sufficient brightness has been reached, it is rinsed with water and dried with a cloth.



            Silver Polishing with Ammonia


Add 1 glass of warm water and half a glass of ammonia to a bowl. Silver jewelry is put into this mixture and kept for 10 minutes. Then the jewelry is rinsed and wiped with a cloth and dried.


What Should Be Considered When Polishing Silver?


There are some points to be considered in the silver polishing process which can be easily done in the home conditions and with the contents at home. Hands should not be affected by chemical ingredients while applying silver polishing methods. For this reason, gloves should be worn when polishing silverware. Also, some of the aforementioned mixtures can release gas into the air. Therefore, the environment should be well ventilated or a mask should be worn during the silver polishing process. In order not to damage the silver jewelry, to avoid discoloration and to obtain good results, the ingredients mixing instructions mentioned in the methods should be followed.