How to Measure Ring Size?

You can use your jewelry more comfortably with the ring size calculation process. In the process of finding the ring size, you actually get the appropriate version for your finger. For this reason, the process of learning the ring size becomes more valuable. Thus, you have the opportunity to use your jewelry stylishly and comfortably. To reach the ring size, you can apply to various stores and get this result free of charge on your own. Ring size can be determined with a ruler containing various values. Apart from that, there are countless methods. However, there may be different sizes for men and women, so attention should be paid to this issue.


How Is Ring Size Calculated?


Many answers can be given to the question of how to calculate the ring size. Here, it is possible to turn to professional options and obtain this measure by applying it to various institutions and stores. However, everyone can reach their own ring size in a home environment. Ring size may vary depending on weight changes and some diseases if any. In addition, the ring measurement format is evaluated differently for women and men. A ring size chart for everyone will provide clear answers.

Ring Size Chart


The ring size chart is a table where every person can find the right size for them, just like determining the shoe size. It is possible to reach the right size with this table, which includes numbers starting from 8 or 10 and extending to 28 or 35 according to gender. The ring size chart contains many different numbers from the weakest thinnest finger form to the thickest finger form. By using this table correctly, everyone can reach the size they need. Some tables also create average values and the smallest scale is determined as 9.


How to Take a Ring Size for Men


Many methods can be used to measure the ring size for men. Men's ring size chart starts from number 10 and goes up to number 35. Another ring can be used in the process of taking a ring size for men. Using the table, you can search for the new ring with the diameter and circumference measurements. Ring size can be measured by contacting any store. Finally, ring size can be reached with activities that can be done in home conditions.


Taking Ring Sizes for Women


It is possible to benefit from many methods at the point of taking ring size for women. Women's ring size chart starts at 8 and goes up to 28. One of the safest methods for taking a ring size for women is to use another ring. Apart from that, a suitable ring measurement can be made for the finger professionally by applying it to various stores. Apart from these, some techniques can be easily measured in home conditions.


How to Get Ring Size at Home?


Several methods can be used in the process of taking a ring size at home. The most famous method of taking ring size at home is the method of taking ring size with a string. In this method, the finger to be attached to the ring is tied with a rope. This rope should be neither tight nor taut. It should be comfortable at the point where the finger is grasped and should stay in a way that it does not fall from the finger. In this way, you can simply measure your ring at home.


What Are The Methods Of Ring Sizing?


Apart from the methods described above, ring size can be taken with a standard ruler. A reference ring is required for this. The existing ring should be placed on a flat surface. Then, it is necessary to measure the inner diameter of the ring without considering the metal parts of the ring with a ruler with a millimeter measurement. With this diameter size, you can reach your own size on the table. In addition, you can make the ring size with thread with different materials. You can use any material for this, such as a piece of paper cut into strips or twisted wire.