How Is Gold Made? How Is Gold Formed?

How Is Gold Made? How Is Gold Formed?

How Is Gold Made?

Gold has been maintaining its value for years and has always been valued since the earliest times of human history. It has been preferred by people both as jewelry and as a collection. So how does this precious metal, which is bright yellow in nature, come about? This precious metal; is formed by the stratification of molten rocks called magma into solid rocks.

The liquid gold in the magma is filled into the rocks thanks to the pressure released as a result of earthquakes and other geological movements. In addition, natural factors such as wind and water cause the emergence of gold in the stream beds.

Even if we ask how gold is found today, our answer is the inside of the rocks, rocks, stream beds, volcanic rocks and stream beds. Most of the gold on earth is found in gold deposits between rocks.

How to Extract Gold?

Gold, which has been considered one of the most valuable elements throughout history, is as difficult to extract as it is to find it. Thanks to the developing technology, innovations are occurring every day for the gold extraction process and the process is getting easier and faster day by day.

So how to reach the precious gold mine? Gold is reached by excavations made in soils called gold mines or by breaking up the rocks. If we say how the gold that is reached is separated from the soil, the gold is separated from the soil and rock pieces by the sieving process. For this, gold mines are established by going deep into the ground.

How is Gold Processed?

After the gold is extracted, it is purified by chemical processes such as carbon and cyanide. Cyanide is also preferred in the purification of fine-structured gold found on rocks.

How to Melt Gold?

Strong heat is required in the gold smelting process. For this reason, this process is done in forges and furnaces. With the melting process, new shapes can be given to the gold.

How Is Yellow Gold Made?

The pure state of gold is found in nature; it is yellow in color. Therefore, no mixing is required to achieve this color. Jewelry made with gold is naturally yellow in color.

How Is White Gold Made?

For gold to be white in color, it is necessary to combine gold with a mixture of nickel and platinum. After this meeting, a slightly dirty white, gray-colored gold is reached. Finally, a radium coating is applied to have a brighter white appearance.


How Is Rose Gold Made?

As a result of mixing gold with copper, pink tones are given to gold. This gold is also called rose gold.

What are the Differences Between Golds According to Color?

Gold has a yellow color in its natural state. Golds of other colors acquire these colors after meeting with a certain mixture. For this reason, the color of gold in colors other than yellow gold may change over time and may need extra care.