Explore 2021's Jewelry Trends!

Explore 2021's Jewelry Trends!

Jewelry trends are ready for 2021. So you? The jewelry will be shaped by designs that are bolder, more assertive and open to change in 2021. Complementing your style with different approaches, new fashion jewelry will allow you to attract attention and be one step ahead in the race for elegance.

In addition to design, many points in jewelry production are also important in 2021 trends. Because jewelry collections created with recycled materials and environmentally friendly production are on the way to becoming a trend. Jewelry lovers turn to designer brands that respect nature, from the raw material of the jewelry to its packaging.

Let's seek after the trends together to meet the 2021 jewelry fashion and make it a part of daily life!

Designs inspired by geometric patterns

One of the trends that will stand out in 2021 is geometric patterns. Jewelry shaped with the geometric patterns of nature will be a great option, especially for those who want to have a modern look. You can follow this trend with the modern jewelry in Runda's Harmony Collection, which is designed with inspiration from geometric forms and the balance of nature.

Colorful worlds with colored stones

The jewelry decorated with colorful stones are getting ready to color your style! Colored stones, which are one of the most preferred jewelry materials in jewelry making, help you catch the most stylish look. You can enliven a simple outfit and even give your colorful combination a more exciting look with these pieces of jewelry,

A combination of gold and silver

One of the significant trends of 2021 is the use of gold and silver in jewelry design together. This trend, which we will see frequently in new designer jewelry, brings you together with astonishing beauty. You can join this trend by giving gold and silver mixed jewelry a chance.

Pieces inspired by the night and the moon

The darkness of the night meets the sparkle of the moon and stars and inspires the design of the most trendy jewelry. Runda's Moonlight Collection, which emerged with the light of this trend, reflects the beauty of the night and the moon to your style.

Put on the jewelry and mix them

Whatever jewelry you prefer, from necklaces to rings, bracelets to earrings, this trend tells you: “combine jewelry”. Shortly, for those who follow this trend, we will see multiple necklaces on their neck and different rings on most of their fingers. Likewise, there will be a variety of bracelets on their wrists and earrings in different sizes on their ears.

Big, even bigger

Jewelry is now indispensable for our combinations and has great importance in reflecting our lifestyle. They will grow not only in importance but also in size in 2021. Thus, they will provide you with a more remarkable appearance.

Back to the old days

The vintage inspirations of the '80s and '90s stand out in many points of fashion in recent years! And it will continue to stand out! This trend has been loved so much that jewelry with vintage touches will continue to appear in 2021. Vintage enthusiasts get ready for exciting days!

Jewelry with pearls hidden in the details

One of the common features of fashion jewelry that never goes out of trend no matter how many years pass: pearl! Pearl reflects the vintage world, but it has so many lovers that it can be considered as a completely different trend topic! Pearls, which were mostly preferred for evening wear in the past, add sparkle to daily clothes today.