Essentials To Know About Malachite

Essentials To Know About Malachite 

The malachite stone, composed of copper carbonate and possessing a bright green color, is a copper jewel found in nature. It formed as a result of the chemical and physical interaction amongst copper carbonate and different minerals throughout centuries. This valuable stone has been utilized to construct the crowns of pharaohs, within the architectural composition of the palaces where Russian czars had built and resided within and for many other famous historical instances, successfully drawing attention to itself with its dazzling appearance. 

Major Physical Characteristics of Malachite 

Thin black lines are found on the malachite stone, which has a unique appearance with its bright green color. It possesses a structure that is not too tough. If there are very clear and thick black lines on the stone, it might mean that the stone is inauthentic. It is therefore very important to evaluate the stone. The malachite stone—preferred frequently within the jewelry sector—has a soothing effect and is known for its ability to convert feelings of negativity into positivity. In addition, it is known for its power to relax the body, allow one to fall asleep easily, cleanse one of guilt, fear, lack of courage, strengthen memory, and heal aching pains. Also acknowledged as the stone of cleansing and protection, the malachite stone balances and clears all chakras. And that is why it is frequently used in rituals such as yoga and meditation. The malachite stone is harmonious with the astrological signs Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Capricorn. 

How to Identify Malachite 

There are many qualities that differentiate the malachite stone from other stones. Malachite has a semi-transparent texture in bright green tones. There are natural, thin black lines on this stone. With a hardness degree that exists within the 3, 5-4 range, it is easily breakable. Hence, it is easily shaped into a form defined by the design and used in jewelry making. The malachite stone can get darker if it is placed near a source of heat. 

Where is Malachite Found? 

The malachite stone is found in Hungary, Russia, Germany, Siberia, the United States, Turkey, and South and West Africa. When considering its prevalence in Turkey, the stone has formed mostly in the Black Sea region. The malachite stone is also found in zinc and lead mines besides copper reserves. Naturally resembling a kidney, the malachite stone, with its circular structure, is processed and used in a variety of fields. 

Where is Malachite Used? 

The malachite stone is easily cut in a detailed fashion and polished because it has a structure that is not tough. Even though it possesses a bright form, it can attain a brighter look as it is polished and that is why it’s frequently used in jewelry making and the decorative arts. It also holds an important place in the design of ornamental pieces.