5 Tips To Help You Find Out An Engagement Ring To Propose

5 Tips To Help You Find Out An Engagement Ring To Propose

Rings have been used to indicate position and status in daily life since ancient times. Having had a place in many cultures and mythologies, rings(https://rundajewelry.com/collections/yuzuk ) are especially used to bless marriage and love. In Eastern mythologies, it was believed that lovers were tied to each other by knotted ropes on their left ring fingers and that people found their loved ones in this way. In Western mythology, on the other hand, the belief was that the fourth finger on the left hand had a vein running and carrying pure blood directly to the heart and the ring was worn on this finger to symbolize that the heartbeat is linked to the lover’s heartbeat. 

What Makes A Ring An Engagement Ring?

While experiencing one of the most important moments of your life, a detail that stands out and makes this moment special is the wedding rings. When choosing these rings, which you will wear as a token of your love for the rest of your life, it will be very useful and make your work easier to choose a model that is both elegant and striking with its compatibility with most combinations. Your biggest inspiration for choosing the right ring will be to discover a ring design that reflects the blend of your story and style with your partner.

How Much Does An Engagement Ring Cost?

At this point, doing comprehensive research will help you a lot while buying a quality product that is budget-friendly. In your research to find an affordable and satisfying engagement ring, first, determining your sensitivities and priorities such as sustainable production and proceeding with elimination will guide you to the right choices.

Matching Your Wedding Rings With Your Skin Tone

When choosing wedding rings, you and your partner’s hair and skin color are also very important.

You must sift through numerous wedding rings while doing research on whether the ring you will choose will be gold, rose gold, or silver, and how it will complement your hair and skin tones.

It is actually very easy to learn the skin tone of your partner and learn the colors that will suit him/her. If your partner's veins are green, his/her skin tone is warm, and usually, warm colors like gold and bronze suit them better. People with purple-blue veins have a cool undertone and silver-colored jewelry is more suitable for them. Finally, if you have a partner with a neutral skin tone with green-blue veins, rose gold is a good choice with its elegance.

Finding Out About Your Lover’s Tastes

One of the most important factors in choosing the engagement ring you will buy to propose should of course be your partner’s tastes and fashion sense. If you can choose the ring that will appeal to her tastes, your marriage proposal will become much more memorable. The easiest way to get more detailed information about your partner's taste is to observe her style and to call her friends or directly sound her out. Combining the story of your relationship with your partner and her taste will add to the meaning of the ring. 

Get Your Partner’s Ring Size

After following the steps we mentioned, the only remaining step is to fit the chosen ring to your lover's finger. For this reason, it is important not to forget to learn her finger size. Embodying a feature of changing with tiny nuances, ring sizes should be carefully measured. If the marriage proposal you will make is going to be a surprise, it can be very difficult to measure her finger without being noticed. Therefore, you should measure one of the rings she frequently wears without your wife-to-be knowing it and then definitely send the ring to the store where you will buy the engagement ring. Another way would be to measure the finger size with a string, without your partner noticing, e.g. while she is sleeping.